"Oh lawdddd what am I doing!!!! I’m stuck in a situation. Trying to work things with my ex and feeling like im struggling to do that cause i dont feel like I’m getting the attention I need or being your self with someone new that has a good head on there shoulders but they also have no idea and like someone else that is mind fucking him…."

"Well, here I am again all upset and shit."
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"Why do I feel like this? Why do I feel like Iv been stabbed in the chest? Why do I feel like I ruin plans when I been stood up? I want to cry so bad but I no it just makes me weak I got to stay strong. But inside im crumbling to pieces. You said this time will be different. I’m crushed I feel pathetic I’m nothing to you well at least that’s what I feel like right about now :’("
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This now!
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Quick Weight Loos Shots
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Sorry for being so straight forward. I just like you…
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